A CURSE UNTO A CHAPTER IN HISTORY

  Such marks of insolence have stained History’s wrap

that a thousand chastening springs

will never cleanse them all.

Within the heart of this merciless

there are chapters:

                                      bloody, vexatious;

Tales of acts of cruelty, cowardice that Man

has perpetrated upon Man;

 Massacre of children it witnessed

yet,  concealed in denial…….



O, you,

the deceptive truth!

O, you:

            the whore:


an eternal curse be cast upon you.


Be it,

from cry of the limpid blood of my innocent people

– splashed across the earth in vain –

every line of your every disgraced page

be, for ever, scarred with the wounds of shame;

Be it,

        till doomsday,

your lap:

                – this cradle of beasts –

be stigmatized with clots of blood.

Your visage be blotted, till the end of time,

of a thousand burning candles,

each depicting a thousand treacherous  bereavement

inflicted shamelessly upon my blood line.



Jahangir Sedaghatfar

April 1991; from the book: “Testing the Chosen”.



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